tomorrow and tomorrow

I start my trip tomorrow with a layover in San Francisco. I’ll be stopping there to see two very good friends. (Gotta take advantage of the west coast stops whenever possible.) Then I’m on my way.

I went to the doctor today for a post-surgery pinky finger checkup. The xray showed the bones back in place mending. I loved the doctor and physical therapists’ faces when they reacted to how bad the original break was; sheer horror. The swelling has gone down a lot in only a few days, which is reassuring. I still can’t shake hands, but for the next few weeks I’ll be bowing anyway.

I’m spending today not doing anything Korean. No studying. No soap operas. I’m squaring up last minute things for Jamie and Jaxx: bought food for Jaxx, will trim his nails, doing laundry, cleaned the house, and grocery shopped. Jamie’s been working such long hours lately ( 4 a.m.) I don’t want there to be any preventable hassles while I’m gone.

And yes I am ready. As ready as I’ll ever be. Although I think all the Korean I learned from my free class just slipped my mind in anticipation of the real moments I’ll actually need it. I have to remember what my tutor buddy Jane said.

“You have to be confident. Relax. You know a lot. If you get nervous it’ll all slip your mind–like how when people get nervous they forget everything they mean to say in ‘English?’ Well imagine what will happen with Korean.”


Oh, and I got my cell phone number for the phone I’ll have while I’m there. Exciting!


2 responses to “tomorrow and tomorrow

  1. Hi Saebom!

    Hope all is going well in Korea. We miss you here at BKA.
    When did you start this blog? July 2009? I want to go back to the beginning…
    I find your blog very helpful and interesting- so thank you for writing!
    I somehow feel a little more prepared for my first trip to Korea this Aug.
    Stay well! ^^

    • wow nicole, that is seriously the biggest compliment ever! and it’s a great reason to keep writing. wow. please keep reading. ya, i started the blog in july 2009. i’m excited to see all you bka-ers when you guys come this summer. . . hope you’re looking forward to it! oh, and as for packing advice if you’re trying to decide bt two things to bring–always go with the more feminine one, even if it doesn’t seem practical.

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