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My city

One thing I missed: micro-brew. 멕주. We took Jamie’s friend who got me my plane ticket out for drinks at this place that claims to have the “World’s Largest selection of draft beers.” It was either 130 or 140 or 160. I think 130. I can’t remember. I asked them how they know this claim to fame and they had no idea.

Above: Yuuummm. Chicken pot pie. Right: perfect pears that Jamie’s Mom grew in her garden. Bottom: One of my favorite all-time foods is spaghetti and meatballs. Yum. Roggie’s in Cleveland Circle makes a mean one.

Before I left Korea I talked with two friends from Minnesota about what I would eat once I got home. Chicken pot pie was one thing that made our mouths water. Yuuumm.

Dim sum in Quincy after hiking.

I don’t normally suggest going to places with this type of food. I don’t like bread. But the first dish, quesadillas, well I hadn’t had anything like that in a long time. (The bread was too thick tho. What happened to the thin tortilla’s they used to use? Why has everything gotten so fat?) The sub on the right, well it’s made at this hole-in-the-wall place called Brookline Spa and it’s pretty damn good.

Dinner with Jamie’s parents at Peach Pit Peach Farm in Chinatown. (I always want to call it that.) Ohmigosh, amazing. They outdid theirselves. So much better than the other meal we’d head in Ctown recently. So fresh. So succulent. Yuuuum.

And, do you want to know how to eat the snails? Well, here, I made an instructional. Friends in Korea ask me about eating snails all the time!


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