Some images from home. . .

After I got back from Korea last summer I found that Jamie had bought a whole golf wardrobe for me. And I don’t really golf. But this day he’d taken off work so I rode in the cart and played 9 holes. I got one birdie; that was my accomplishment of the day. I was exhausted.

The biggest thing that has been going on is that 1 day while raking in the backyard I found 6 baby bunnies. Try saying that: 6 baby bunnies in the backyard. Fun. Anyway, when I found them I screamed and ran into the house and waited for Jamie to come home to figure out what they were. At first I thought they might be rats. Or worse, chipmunks. They were bunnies; we could tell by their ears and tails.

Every day we’d check on them. When I found them they hadn’t opened their eyes and they’d only been there less than a week. (That’s when the grass appeared after Jamie cut the lawn.) We thought they might die, so after the neighbor girls insisted on inspecting them I almost let them take 2 as pets. Then I re-thought, phoned a few animal places and realized I should leave them. The mother only comes back for to feed them a few times/day and so we wouldn’t see her. Plus, if they’d kept alive this long (a few days since we’d been watching them) she was definitely feeding them.

Funny thing is, right after they left the nest Jaxx was in the backyard with me and he runs out of the woods with one of them in his mouth. He didn’t kill it; I think he was bored and wanted to show me what he found.

Sometimes Jaxx cracks me up. He’s really good to his toys; he licks (cleans) them and generally takes care of them unlike other dogs who tear them apart and try and get at the squeakers. Sometimes he also sleeps cuddled up with one in his paws under his chin. Or in this case he uses one as a pillow. Amusing to say the least.

As I mentioned before, one night I had some friends over for dinner. My buddy Sau-king brought her 2 kids. Here they are playing in my house. Jamie LOVES the little boy. He fell asleep on the top of the couch–you can see on the bottom photo.

Jaxxy and I went hiking with our buddy Karen. He had a blast.


2 responses to “Some images from home. . .

  1. You got a birdie and you don’t play golf. I am jeolous. Move over Michelle Wie cuz Saebom unni is coming.

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