Bon voyage Sophie! (진돗개) Have fun in China! Don’t get eaten!

I love this bitch Sophie. If you remember, we watched her for 28 (or was it 21?) days when her owners went to Asia a few years ago. She used to be crazy. Another time we watched her she got in a fight with Jaxx and bit his ear Mike Tyson style. She took such a big chunk out of it (blood everywhere) and it is permanently damaged; when he looks at you the left ear goes up but the right ear stays limp.

Now her owners have trained her and she’s a lot more calm. Still crazy, but I think that’s the breed. (Intense like a Korean person.) BTW, someone pointed out to me that 진돗개 Jindo dogs, since they are Korea’s national treasure, are not allowed to be brought out of the country. It’s illegal. But, on the other hand, 200,000 of us babies have been exported. So does that mean Korea values its dogs more than it’s children?

Anyway, back to Sophie. And her owners. (They also have another dog, a chihuahua named Capers.) They’re all moving to China next month so a friend had a going away party for them. (They also announced they got engaged–congrats!) We brought Jaxx and another friend brought their Yorkie. This party was all people and dogs. Most other parties we go to have kids, dogs, and people. I like this mix best.

Food photos. Yup, another barbecue. Ribs made by one of the departing two. He’s a culinary school graduate. Lookit the burger on the right–see how big it is? Normally burgers are smaller than the buns. Ha. There was a LOT of meat there.

Ya, Jamie feeds the dogs a lot of people food. So they beg.

Cornhole tournament. That’s the game on the left where you try to toss small bean bags into the hole in the board. Teams of two stand on opposite sides of the yard and take tuns tossing about 3-4 bags in. On the right you see 소주 that came out of nowhere.

The soju turned out to be my favorite kind, 처음처럼 which mean “like the first time.” How great is that?


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