International friend tour

I’ve been thinking (fantasy) if I were to go on a worldwide friend tour, all expenses paid to go visit places only where I have friends living, where would I end up going?

Here’s a list.


New York City

Upstate New York



New Orleans

Wyoming/ Denver

Los Angeles

San Francisco/ Palo Alto

Hong Kong


Seoul, South Korea



Germany (or is she now in Barcelona?) either one is fine!

Where would you get to go?

2 responses to “International friend tour

  1. what a fun idea! i’d get to go to australia, turkey, ohio, tennessee, north carolina, belgium and south africa. . . ooh, the possibilities. .. if i count in an ex-boyfriend i’d add in japan in there. . .but why count him?

  2. my friendship tour would include northern ireland, england, scotland, houston, dallas, germany, and seattle. . .it’s all expenses paid, right?

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