Korean cinema at MFA, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, presents a series of New
Korean Cinema
(Dec 2-12) featuring box office hits, directorial
debuts, and critically acclaimed works. Yang Ik-june’s
Breathless made waves by sweeping almost two-dozen prizes at
international festivals, and Bong Joon-ho made a splash with the
thriller Mother. Kim Ki-Duk is behind two of the films in our
series. His most recent directorial effort Dream cracked the
Top Ten at the Korean box office.  He also served as writer and
producer of the action-drama Rough Cut, which took home a pair
of Best Newcomer awards at the Korean equivalent of the Oscars for its
two young leads.  Also in the series is Barefoot Dream,
South Korea’s nominee for the “Best Foreign Language Film” at
this year’s Academy Awards.

Tickets: MFA members, seniors, and students $8; general admission
$10. http://www.mfa.org/programs/series/new-korean-cinema

Co-presented by The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
in Boston

Thu, Dec 2, 7:30 pm

Like You Know It All by Hong Sang-soo (2009, 126 min.). A
filmmaker asked to serve on a film festival jury, Ku drinks and
fumbles his way through every one of his responsibilities. His true
personality is eventually exposed: he’s a self-centered adulterer
who constantly craves the spotlight. After traveling to Jeju Island,
he repeats the same mistakes, unable to learn from his past.

Please join us for a pre-screening reception in the MFA’s Koch
Gallery from 6-7 pm.

Fri, Dec 3, 8 pm
Sun, Dec 5, 11:20 am

Barefoot Dream by Kim Tae-geun (2010, 121 min.). Former
soccer player Won-kang heads to East Timor thinking that there would
be plenty of opportunities for him. Instead, he finds children playing
soccer in bare feet because their families don’t have money for
shoes.  Inspired by the kids’ devotion to the game and seeing
their potential, Won-kang decides to be their coach. This feel-good
family film is South Korea’s nominee for “Best Foreign Language
Film” in this year’s Academy Awards.

Sat, Dec 4, 10:30 am

Mother by Bong Joon-ho (2009, 129 min.). After a night of
heavy drinking, Yoon Do-joon follows a girl home, intent on sleeping
with her. She turns down his proposition, throws a rock at him, and
chases him away. Found dead the next day, Yoon Do-joon is the key
suspect in the girl’s death, but his overprotective mother maintains
his innocence and is determined to clear his name.

Sat, Dec 4, 5 pm
Sun, Dec 5, 4 pm

Brand New Life by Qunie Lecomte (2009, 92 min.). When
nine-year-old Jin-hee’s father takes her out for an extravagant day of
shopping, she finally feels loved and accepted by him. After he
abandons her at a Catholic orphanage, the devastated young girl
realizes the gifts were a feeble attempt to assuage her father’s
guilt. She must now learn to accept her new fate and prepare for her
adoption by a foreign family.

Thu, Dec 9, 5:20 pm
Fri, Dec 10, 3:20 pm

Secret Sunshine by Chang-don Lee (2007, 142 min.). Shin-ae
(Jeon Do-yeon), a young window, moves with her young son from Seoul to
Miryang, the nondescript southeastern Korean city where her husband
was born. As she tries to create a new life for herself, another
tragic event turns her life upside down. Actress Jeon Do-yeon was
awarded Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival for her fearless

Sat, Dec 11, 10:30 am

Dream by Kim Ki-duk (2008, 95 min.). After dreaming he
caused a traffic accident, Jin wakes to discover the accident really
occurred, except he wasn’t the driver. The police suspect Ran, a
woman who claims to have no involvement. As Jin’s dreams become
increasingly bizarre, the police discover that Jin’s dreams are
actually Ran’s experiences during her sleepwalking.

Sat, Dec 11, 3 pm

Breathless by Yang Ik-june (2008, 130 min.). An
extortionist and henchman for a local gangster, Man-shik, Songhoon has
known violence all his life. Things begin to change, however, when he
meets Han Yeon-heui. Victimized by her mentally ill father and brut
brother, she’s not intimidated by Song-hoon’s hard exterior. An
unlikely bond develops between the two, but when Han Yeon-heui’s
brother joins Man-shik’s gang, the couple soon realizes their
fragile emotional connection may not survive.

Sun, Dec 12, 2:30 pm

Rough Cut by Jang Hoon (2008, 113 min.). Type cast as a
violent gangster, film star Su-ta’s enormous ego and turbulent
personal life only to add to his fame. After he injures a fellow actor
on set, production is shut down, and everyone refuses to work with
him. He soon meets mob boss Gang-pae, a great fan of Su-ta’s and a
wannabe actor himself. Su-ta offers him a role, but Gang-pae has one
condition, the fights must be real.


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