This feels good. . .

I’ve been getting some complimentary requests for help lately.

  • A friend has been heavily asking me for advice and perspective on the intense racism she is facing as a student/dormer at SUNY Albany. What she’s experiencing is atrocious and is taking a toll on her ethnic identity as a Korean person and as a sane, whole, confident woman. I’m honored to be held in her confidence yet struggle with how to advise her. I so do want to offer perspective that can help.
  • A Korean-American friend just asked me to help someone she knows leverage resources to create a photojournalism exhibit on Korean-Black relations (e.g. following the aftermath of the LA riots, etc.)
  • A very highly accomplished (career-wise) friend has asked me to help her prepare for a highly prestigious interview. In short I’m honored to be thought of as someone who can help with this sort of thing and really hope I can help.
  • The Korean church I volunteer at has requested my help with community outreach ideas. They miss me and have been talking about needing my help now again. I’m going to see how I can best help them now.

And I’m psyched for some of the connecting I’ve been able to do lately. . .

  • I’ve connected a friend of mine who is training to be a life coach with two clients–my friends. She needs clients and these people have either expressed wanting a life coach of I think they’d really benefit from having one.
  • Another colleague I’ve kept in touch with has asked for my help in her searching for jobs as a VP of development/communications. Wow, not sure I come across those jobs very often but I’m honored she’s asked for my help.
  • A friend of mine wants to start workshops for adoptees, addressing adult issues, and life coaching retreats for them in Korea. She wants me to help run the workshops and maybe do more.
  • Right now, apart from searching for a job, I’m also trying to get my new program off the ground, a language and cultural exchange program for Korean and American adults. It’s called KACEL, Korean & American Cultural Exchange Link, and it kicks off Feb 1st. I have 4 people I’m ready to connect and one more who is looking for a match.

I want to keep this venture small and manageable until I get it figured out and running smoothly. I’m not advertising it too much (no website, etc.) so that I can keep it under control.

My life coach friend tho asked me “How will you make money from it?” That thought never even crossed my mind. She’s also asked me what I will do when it goes big; she told me I need to have a plan cause it could go big by word of mouth really fast. I hadn’t anticipated that.

Sadly, today I said good-bye to a friend I’ve made who is heading back to Korea. So sad. Making friends and having them move away gets old but I guess such is life when you live in a university city. (Remember, in a 5 year span 9 of my friends moved away?) I will miss her but, as she said, we have 인연 so I’m not worried about our future as good friends.

Here’s to an already active 2011!


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