I made 잡채 / japchae with this recipe.

I also made 순두부 찌개 / Soondubu jjigae or soft tofu stew from this recipe.

I also regularly make 떡볶이 dduk bokki from this recipe.

This is the easiest one to make though, 된장찌개! I wrote about it earlier from this recipe. But when I make it now I do a lot of my own modifications like basically using whatever I have in the fridge and not cooking anything beforehand but rather just tossing everything into the pot when the broth is made.

And we’ve been trying out different types of the 삼겹살 pork belly, at HMART. Yuuum.

It’s funny, a KAD friend said to me last nite at a BKA (Boston Korean Adoptees) event: “You were in Korea 6 months; you should teach us to cook Korean food!” She wants me to start “Cooking semi-Korean food with Saebom” classes. We call them “semi-Korean” food because even though I can cook it, and do regularly, I make it just for myself and sometimes Jamie and whoever else happens to be here. I probably wouldn’t do it in Korea or for Korean people.

A funny thing with this statement is, when I was in Korea I didn’t learn how to cook anything. I was there to try and learn Korean language. All the Korean food I’ve learned to cook I was either taught by Korean-American friends here or I taught myself. (And for a period of time I would go to HMART with a Korean friend and she would show me all the ingredients I should buy. TIP: Look at where the products are made. You want the ones made in Korea. They are more expensive but taste better. Of course it’s up to you tho–which is more important, taste or cost?)


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