Spiritual Journey To Korea with Full Scholarship worth over $5,000

Hello from Pastor Park,


Please share this scholarship information with your friends and contacts!
So more qualified Korean adoptees can be trained for a future community leader!

(See attached file for photos and details.)

Spiritual Journey To Korea
with Full Scholarship worth over $5,000
for 3 weeks (7/21/2011 – 8/13/2011)
This is a three week long Spiritual Journey to Korea, including:
Visiting holy/ historical sites in Korea such as DMZ, Mt. Jiri, Juldu-san, Bulkusa
Staying with Korean Christian families in 4 cities: Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Jeonju
Shopping and attending worship services and an Inner Healing Seminar
Who is eligible?
Young adult Korean adoptees (age 21 – 35) who are interested in spiritual fellowship & friendship, searching for roots and true-self, and finding a place to belong
When is the deadline to apply?
The application deadline is March 15, 2011.
What do you expect?
This Full Scholarship includes a round-trip airfare, room and board, transportation
and fees – approximately $5,000 in value!
How can I apply?
Visit the web-site: www.kamcenter.org to print out an application and return it to
KAM Center, P.O. Box 130563, Roseville, MN 55113
Some of questions the journeyer will consider:
o Who Am I?
o What is My True-self?
o Where do I belong?
o Am I able to live a peaceful, joyful and abundant life?
Korean Adoptees Ministry Center


P.O. Box 130563,  Roseville,  MN 55113                         E-mail: kampark1@hotmail.com Phone: (612) 331-0143
Rev. Sung Chul Park, Director                                           Web-sitewww.kamcenter.org Fax:       (651) 414-0134

Rev. Sung Chul Park
Korean Adoptees Ministry Center or KAM Center



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