I AmKorean American


My name is Jenny, and I’m working on an online project called I AmKorean American (http://www.iamkorea namerican. com), which encourages Korean Americans to submit personal profiles to a growing collection that showcases the diversity and many interesting personalities of the Korean American community. Our goal is to collect as many profiles as possible in order to give a rich and varied look at the many different individuals who identify themselves as Korean American. We also believe that this project can one day serve as a useful historical source. But before any of these things can happen, we need your help!

We’re contacting BKA because we would love your help in getting your members/friends to check out our project. The more submissions we get, the more useful the site will become! Please share/forward our site to your friends and have them submit their profiles athttp://iamkoreaname rican.com/ submit/.

Thanks for your time and help!

Have a fantastic week,

Jenny Lee
I Am Korean American
http://www.iamkoreanameric an.com

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