CALLING ALL ADOPTEES for a Research Study on Adult Adoptees and their American Parents

I vaguely know of this woman who is conducting the research study. It sounds interesting. Proceed at your own discretion. . .

LIGHT-HEARTED APPEAL: What better way to pass the time than to fill out our
on-line survey. It just takes 30 minutes! It’s anonymous. And it’s fun 🙂 Do
it over coffee, just before going to bed, or to procrastinate! If you’ve
already filled it out, THANK YOU!!! Please GO TO ** 🙂

SERIOUS APPEAL: It seems like many of my adoptee friends have struggled,
from time to time, with some pretty serious issues. I am no exception.
2009-2010 was a difficult year. Now that things are markedly better, this is
my own way of trying to reach out to others in the hopes that we won’t feel
as alone and to provide any guidance, which we can, to the future generation
of adoptees.

Please consider filling out the Adult Adoptee Survey and if you’re able,
having/helping your parent(s) fill out the Adoptive Parent Survey. Please
forward this to as many adoptee
friends as you can. (Note: they must be transnational adoptees adopted to
the United States).

Adoptee Survey: https://www. surveymonkey. com/s/Stories_ Adult_Adoptee
Parent Survey: https://www. surveymonkey. com/s/Stories_ Adoptive_ Parent
For more information on our Collection of Oral Histories or for more
information, in general, visit our webpage:
http://transnationa l-adoptee- parent-study.

We’re also finding out that nearly everyone knows an adoptee, so feel free
to forward this to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!


Or just ask me directly!

I sincerely thank you,
~Charlie Ritts


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