Introducing KACEL 케이셀!

I mentioned the cultural exchange program I started back in February on this blog awhile ago, KACEL 케이셀, Korean & American Cultural Exchange Link. . .well the first term is about to come to a close and the next term will begin next month.

Our big news is that you can now find us on facebook and on our blog/website.

On the blog/website you can see info about our events, how to join, why to join, etc. On facebook you can join our community, see some photos, and chat with others who “like” us. Last I checked we had 35 “likers”!

If you’re interested in joining email us at We’ll email back the link to the application. Please check the website first though to find out more information about KACEL and make sure it’s right for you.

KACEL 케이셀 is a friendship group for adults 23 years and older

  • Korean nationals new to the United States who want to learn American culture and improve their English (through speaking practice with a native speaker)
  • Americans interested in learning about Korean life and culture and/or who want to practice their Korean language skills
It is NOT a
  • blind date service
  • translation service
  • tutoring service

It is not for you if you want to be taught English or Korean (through didactic instruction), want someone to edit your papers for school, or are looking for a translator.

To join you apply and based on availability will be matched with a participant whose needs match yours. You and your buddy will meet regularly on your own (approximately once/week for 2-3 hours or so over coffee or meals, etc.) in addition to regular monthly events with the whole KACEL 케이셀 group. Group events typically take place on a weekend and have included bowling, a birthday party dinner, and lunchtime cooking and games.

KACEL 케이셀 is an opportunity to make new friends, become part of a community, learn about another culture, and share something of yourself with others who are looking for the same. Because the best way to experience another culture is through friendship.

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