KACEL 케이셀 summer term!

I’m happy to let you know that the KACEL summer term is under way with 20 participants! (More than three times as many as last term.)

In the past 18 days I have met 16 new people. Before each person joins the program I meet with him/her in person. It’s been a blast to meet them and learn about their lives: the English schools they attend, the homestays some of them live in, where the Korean participants are from, why the American participants are interested in Korean life and culture, etc.

And it’s great fun (though challenging) to make the buddy connections: to hear about their meetings and what they’re learning from one another; how they’re helping each other. It feels good.

It’s been a learning experience to figure out the best places to advertise, the best places to meet interested participants, etc. I feel a real sense of triumph; when I first started recruiting I had no one. I worried I wouldn’t be able to run the program at all. But now we have a waiting list and I’ve had to turn people away because we’re full.

So here’s to our summer term! We’re off and running.  . .


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