Single mother’s day

I was actually in Korea when this day happened.

A fundamental solution to adoption problems
The Korea Herald
Korea was very poor when the Korean War ended in 1953. It was the second poorest country in the world at that time. So, the government carried out overseas adoption for orphans and children dying of starvation as a national policy with the intention of 
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In South Korea, activists try to support single mothers
Public Radio International PRI
Jane Jeong Trenka is a Korean adoptee who advocates for single mothers. (Photo by Jason Strother.) While Americans were celebrating their mothers and grandmothers and other important women this weekend, South Koreans were celebrating singe mothers.
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South Koreans dedicate a day to single moms | Asia | DW.DE | 10.05 
The origins of international adoption from South Korea are found in the devastation the nation suffered following the Korean War. Children left behind by foreign,,15940000,00.html

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