Prime Talk: Korea’s Adoptee Community / Kim Stoker, Representative Adoptee Solidarity Korea

Published on Aug 5, 2013
대담: 입양인 사회, 킴 스토커, 국외입양인연대

You may have noticed more Korean adoptees returning to their country of birth in recent years… and this past weekend, hundreds were in Seoul for a major conference called the Gathering.
Also… revisions to Korea’s adoption law went into effect a year ago this month.
And tonight one of the activists who was instrumental to the change… Kim Stoker from Adoptee Solidarity Korea joins us in the studio now.

Thanks for having me.

It seems like more adoptees are coming to Korea through events like the Gathering and many adoptees are choosing to build a life for themselves here in Korea. What brings adoptees back and what keeps them here?

Your organization helped rewrite Korea’s adoption law.
Why did the law need to be revised?

What were some of the major changes and whom did it impact the most?

How enforceable is the law and what additional measures need to be in place?

Thank you so much for your insight into these issues today.

My pleasure. Thanks for having me.


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