Investigating catering lead #1

And we’re off!

The friend who is helping me plan things, I’ll call her Yuna. Her son is one of my older son’s bffs. (They’ve known each other now for 2 years and their friendship blooms out of a shared love of trains, specifically Thomas the. They’re equally silly.) Even though they don’t speak the same language they are able to communicate in goofy toddler boy motions and sounds. I love their friendship and hope it lasts a long time. Yuna and her son and my son, husband and I all went to the nearby restaurant I thought might have catering options, or at least suggestions. Score, it did!

It’s a Japanese restaurant but the owner is Korean and he’s incredibly kind and friendly. We’ve been patrons there a long time and he’s seen my kids grow up, as much as a toddler and baby can grow up. He was working in the kitchen when we got there but popped his head out towards the end of our dinner. I told him I’d started to plan baby horse’s doljanchi and asked him for catering recommendations. He went and fetched a Korean newspaper and came back with an ad for (coincidentally) the same company the Pastor had originally recommended. Again, it was fortuitous that Yuna was with me because in speaking to him (clarifying things) he recommended another place, the place in Cambridge I’d heard about. He said many of the people who work there had worked at his restaurant so if we told them he referred us they’d give us a good price.

Over the years in living/traveling in Korea I’ve learned that there are countless unspoken things that pass between Korean people that if you don’t speak the language or live/grow up in Korea you aren’t privy to. In the past when I’ve learned about some of these things and I’ve asked Korean people how they know these things they’ve just replied: Because I’m Korean. Yeah, helpful explanation. That’s what happens when Yuna is around–she picks up on these things.

And I’m sure there will be plenty more of this in the future. It has only just begun.


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