Hunting down the photographer

Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations. I’ve been asking friends who are photographers for recommendations as well as posting ads on the NESOP job board, etc. Here are some of the recommendations I’ve received for an inexpensive photographer:

Heather Prohaska

Ellen Rogers

My ideal situation would be to have a student or photographer who is just starting out take simple photographs, nothing too fancy. All we need are the digital copies. The person could even use our camera. I know from past events that when hosting it’s hard to get time to take photographs, especially any that require any thought. I love hosting but it’s a lot of work. And energy. Ideally, in addition to the spotlight moments I’d also like for a photographer to capture the moments I’m not part of; the people I don’t get a chance to talk to in depth.

UPDATE: In talking to my co-worker (whose daughter’s dol I attended last year) she recommended one of my co-workers to photograph the event. This co-worker recently took a photography class and also took photographs of her daughter’s christening and did a fabulous job. Great idea–I hadn’t even thought of that! Talking these things out really helps.


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