doljanchi planning: doljabi

For baby horse’s doljanchi I made my own doljabi board and raffle tickets. I LOVE the raffle tickets. I printed them on turquoise paper (color theme is turquoise, navy blue, white and pink–hanbok colors) and they look really great. I’m having fun making things for his dol. I also made a baby horse quiz. I’m going to buy 떡 dduk to give as prizes for the raffle and the quiz. I also heard that doljabi items are supposed to be presented on a round surface under a red cloth. I have both.

doljabi items – a friend brought them back from Korea for me. They’re more traditional than what I’ve seen in the past but I like them nonetheless.

raffle tickets – I designed them in Publisher. They had a raffle ticket layout that worked perfectly.

I also printed up little signs to go with each container that will hold the tickets designating what people think baby horse will choose. I haven’t put those together yet though so will post photos of them when they’re ready.

leo doljabi board for blog raffle tix for blog

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