Korean-Born Adoptee Emerges as Top Yankees Prospect

Korean-Born Adoptee Emerges as Top Yankees Prospect


A few adoption month articles (from November)

International adoption made me a commodity, not a daughter

Adoptees Like Me ‘Flip the Script’ on the Pro-Adoption Narrative

“Did You Ever Mind It?”: On Race and Adoption
Read more at http://the-toast.net/2014/11/11/race-adoption/#JkJEt3ArrM0HXufI.99

13 Reasons Why Adopted Children Are Not Lucky

Not new, but figured I’d post anyway. It brings up a lot of the issues fellow KADs talk about but non-adopted people don’t get.

10 and 12 are especially poignant.

10: When having their own children, adoptees often relive the trauma of their adoption. They realize how vulnerable they were and how much they love the child they have brought into the world. It is hard to imagine how someone could give the most precious thing in the world away because of their current financial situation. It is then that many adoptees feel the loss of adoption. It overshadows what should otherwise be a joyous time in their lives.