Why Asian American kids excel. It’s not ‘Tiger Moms.’

Why Asian American kids excel. It’s not ‘Tiger Moms.’


Another birth family reunion video project

aka DAN: A Korean Adoptee Documentary Project

You can find more info about this here.

It makes me really sad that we (Korean adoptees) have to wait so long (24 years!) to find/connect with our own flesh and blood. In this case, a twin. This project seems particularly interesting. Although, they all seem particularly interesting. No, actually, they’re all starting to blend together and get lost in my mind; there are so many of them thesedays. (Doesn’t that make you angry? Finding out you are a twin/triplet when you’re in your mid twenties?) Anyway, this KAD seems to have pretty high expectations for this reunion. Birth family search, from what I’ve seen, is never straightforward, and a lot of times the reunion creates more questions. The relationships are complex and sometimes even the ones that seem to start off hopeful can end up with feelings of detachment or antipathy.

Anyway, I wish this adoptee the best.

Solidarity. It’s what we got.


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These flashmob marriage proposals are so cute. . .

You’ve probably seen these by now, and if not then you should! For some reason they make me cry. . .it could be because I’m hormone-ramped and emotional. . .who knows. Anyway, they’re so cute!

OFFICIAL Trang and Nam Proposal Flash Mob at UCLA 9-24-11
Nam and Trang met eachother on the campus of UCLA.
He decided to bring her back to where they met for the ultimate surprise!

I love her reaction when she first hears the music.

Jamin’s Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal
This next one has a bit more advanced dancing. The first one anyone can (and does–all ages) do the dancing. But in this one you can tell their friends really got some rhythm. Again, very sweet.