for kads (korean adoptees)

All the blog pages, apart from “About this blog”, are really for KADs. They are about transitioning back to life after Korea, my birth family search, and learning Korean in Korea–all experiences that have been particularly poignant and trying for me and I imagine might also be for other KADs.

I am no expert. But I am a KAD who has spent more than 10 years trying to figure out my Korean identity and how it fits into my life. I’ve gone to Korea four times
2000 for 2 weeks to visit a friend living in Seoul with her aunt and uncle
2001 for 4 months to study and teach English at Inje University in Kimhae
2009 for 37 days to search for my birth family through a GOA’L program to Seoul
2010 for 6 months to study Korean and teach English in Seoul through a Holt program and scholarships at Sogang University

Each time I’ve gone it’s been a life-changing experience, sometimes harder to get back from than others. I’m sharing with you what I’ve gone through, what I’ve learned, in the hopes that some of it might help.

I hope so.

KAD advice: how to transition back to pre-Korea life

What I will tell you about birth family search

a little on the language programs in seoul

Random. I just realized I still keep in touch with people I met on every single trip, even my friend’s aunt and uncle who don’t speak much English. The people are the thing that resonate with me the most.


One response to “for kads (korean adoptees)

  1. Thank you, is not the view I have from a far, having not been able to return to Korea, finally at age 35 going back to community college, taking elementary Korean I, I came across your experience…again thank you.

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